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The Waite Group's MS-DOS QBasic Programmer's Reference
Broché / 619 pages / édition de 1991
langue(s) : anglais
éditeur : Microsoft Press
ISBN : 1556153473
EAN : 9781556153471
dimensions : 232 (h) x 187 (l) x 39 (ép) mm
poids : 1285 grammes
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8,95 EUR
référence : 1012791
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Complete reference to the programming language that comes with DOS 5

This is the definitive reference to the MS-DOS QBasic programming environment— the exciting, full-featured, modern programming language that comes with MS-DOS version 5 and supersedes GW-BASIC. If your computer runs DOS* 5 or you’re considering an upgrade to DOS 5, this will be your primary reference to its built-in programming language. Included is a wealth of information to help you program efficiently and cleanly — information that is indispensable whether you’re a novice or an experienced programmer. You’ll find:

Tutorials — Arranged by topic, each of the 21 chapters includes a tutorial that addresses an MS-DOS QBasic concept such as flow control, graphics, sound, or debugging.

Reference Sections — Complete reference information covers every MS-DOS QBasic statement and function. Helpful warnings and tips accompany information on the purpose, syntax, subtleties, and usage of each statement and function.

Program Examples — Hundreds of sample code listings supplement the reference information and provide solid examples of effective MS-DOS QBasic programming.

Jump Tables — Located on the inside front and back covers, these comprehensive lists of MS-DOS QBasic keywords and concepts direct you to the information you need.
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