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Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Engineering
Cartonné / 640 pages / édition de 1993
langue(s) : français
éditeur : Addison-Wesley
ISBN : 0201565412
EAN : 9780201565416
dimensions : 240 (h) x 193 (l) x 40 (ép) mm
poids : 1340 grammes
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Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Engineering gives a clear understanding of computer integrated manufacturing (CIM), providing engineers with the tools to design and implement CIM systems. Defining CIM as it is commonly used in industry, the book gives a complete picture of CIM, covering topics within computer-aided design, computer-aided process planning, computer-aided scheduling, computer-aided quality control, computer-aided manufacturing and computer-aided logistics, as well as robotics.

Features of the book include:

• A system approach to manufacturing operations in which the planning and control functions of all activities to build and make a product are supported by computer
• A thorough discussion of the need for manufacturing models, modular software and hardware components to plan and operate programmable automation
• An introduction to planning and simulation tools to conceive, build and program complete manufacturing systems
• Practical examples for the design of flexible manufacturing and assembly cells, and the structure of their computer-operated planning and control systems
• An introduction to the concepts of the product model and open manufacturing system architecture
• A discussion about the role of a hierarchical computer network in manufacturing shows the interaction and flow of data between manufacturing activities

This book is an excellent introduction to CIM for students in mechanical, manufacturing and industrial engineering, as well as for computer scientists.
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