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Brussels, city of art and history : The Quarter of Squares
« Marguerite - Ambiorix - Marie-Louise - Gutenberg »
Broché / 48 pages / édition de 1995
langue(s) : anglais
numéro : 13
dimensions : 210 (h) x 151 (l) x 4 (ép) mm
poids : 125 grammes
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Brussels is a treasure-trove of heritage gems. The purpose of the "Brussels, City of Art and History" series is to make them accessible to those who wish to discover them.

Anecdotes, previously unpublished documents, historic illustrations, comments and thoughts on town planning, architecture and artistic aspects - a feast of material to whet the appetite of the reader and the visitor.

Born of the desire to develop part of the territory annexed by Brussels in 1853, the Quarter of the Squares Marguerite, Ambiorix, Marie-Louise and Gutenberg attests to the talent of the architects of the late 19th century. Tamed Nature rubs shoulders with some of the finest examples of eclectic and Art Nouveau architecture.
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